ToyCamera AnalogColor 0.7 release!

Toycamera Analogcolor 0.7
ver 0.7 Features
+added TEXTURE buttons
+added TEXTURE type Film Grain(default), Paper1,2
+added 2 presets for TEXTURE
+added Rotate 90 deg (CW/CCW) menu

ver 0.6.5 Features
+added “Expired Film” button (simulation for Expired Film color)
+added a preset for “Expired Film”
+changed default JPEG Quality 90 to 100.
+added “LOAD” button to open a image.(on Windows)

ver 0.6 Features
+added option for preserving JPEG EXIF data. (registered useronly)
+added preset for “Extreme Analog”
+added new Light-leak

sample photo by ecatoncheires thanks!
(preset:paper texture2)